ICS operates as an active, entrepreneurially minded equity investor and facilitates growth financing, industry consolidation concepts, changes in ownership, and restructurings

ICS is focused on medium-sized transactions ranging in volume from EUR 0 – 250 million. We particularly enjoy demanding or complex transactions and only participate in auctions in very exceptional cases.

ICS does not only acquire individual participations, but can also acquire entire participation portfolios or parts thereof.

  • Focal region is Western Europe
  • Transaction volume is EUR 0 – 250million
  • Equity – from EUR 5million upward
  • we observe balanced equity/debt relationships
  • no industry limitation
  • Growth financing
  • Industry consolidation concepts
  • Change in ownership / buy-outs
  • Succession planning
  • Restructurings (not reorganisations)

ICS can operate in whichever area it chooses and is not limited to certain industries.

We have gathered specific experience in these sectors:

  • Automotive industry
  • Mechanical engineering
  • Electronics
  • Health (not including biotechnology)
  • Tourism / hotels / leisure
  • Food stuffs / restaurants and catering

The legally independent MITCAP-ICS GmbH, Frankfurt/M offers junior capital for the following financing situations. MITCAP-ICS is specialised in transactions in well-established mid-market companies with financing requirements ranging between EUR 5 -25 million.

MITCAP-ICS’s financing solutions can be structured very close to commercial equity thus creating a greater equity cushion and opening up bank debt capacity under improved terms.

  • Growth-financing
  • Changes of the shareholder structure
  • Refinancings to optimize the financing structure

ICS speaks from experience and acts discreetly, transparent and reliable

Deal Flow – Investments – Realisation

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